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Savagun Mandir

This is a web site of Sant Shree Savgun Samadhi Sthan, Sant Shree Savaiyanath Dham, Zanzarka.

This place is located near block Dhandhuka of Distract Ahmedabad, and it is one of the good place to visit for pilgrims. At present the place is run by Shri Sambhu Maharaj.

Saint Savaiyanath, (17th Century) was a pious soul from so called lower caste (in those times) who started attending pilgrims going to Dwarka and other holy places in Saurashtra. He started a place where pilgrims from main land going to Saurashtra get restand food (without any payment in the best tradition of Saurashtra).

In the process, his fame spread far and beyond to create jelousy in upper caste Hindus who complained to the British administrator at Ahmedabad.
But folklore says that the Administrator at Ahmedabad was also impressed by the honesty and good deeds of Savaiyanath and was not “punished” but set free with honours.
The place at Zanzarka where he lived and served his people is held in high esteem by all Vankar community people in Gujarat.

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World / India / Gujarat / Dhandhuka, 9 km from center 22°26’34″N 71°57’17″E