460 thoughts on “Alakha Algari Book

  1. Vandan mara sadguru Baldevanathji,
    i remember,when i was 10th year old (1967-68)Baldevnathji came in my village Untadi by veldu.Let my dada and all my villagers invite with special way,Dokkad bilt on stomac,Zanz Pakhaj,manjira dance with lovely music.Allladies,mans,child are singig asong “Seri valavi saj kru hari avone,seraliye patharavu ful prabhu ghre avo re”With a smiling face,with a blessing hand,Guruji looking very bright.what great moment it was…we enjoy this agaman three or four days,AT THAT TIME I BECOME HIM SHISHYA,THEY PUT HIM HAND ON MY HEAD AND STILL IT ON MY HEAD…I AM FILLING HE IS AROUND EVERY TIME TO ME.I AM SO LUCKY TO ACHIEVE GREAT GURU PU.BALDEVANATHJI.

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