Symbol of faith and hope of social backward class society

Sant Savgun Samadhisthan – Zanzarka

“Bhaktbij Palate Nahi; Jug Jay Anant,
Unch Neech Ghare Avtare; Akhar Santno Sant.”

Lots of social and religious problem arise because of universal casinos, renationalize and religious system. In this age the place which lends to the social backward class people in religious way which is Sant Savgun Samadhisthan – Zanzarka. Before three hundred years his highness Sant Savgun Smadhisthan was born.

Shavabhagat had shifted from a village Tundav of Siddhpurp Block to zanzarka a village of Dhandhuka block with the motive of an employment. His caste was Makwana but he come from Tundav so people started to call rim Tundia, Zanzarka became the holy place because of the Sant Savaiyanath. It has 52 foot flag as Dwarika for this it has saint’s standard and history. According to a legend it is said that Bhakt Bodana was returning from Dwarika after getting darshan of lord Krishna, at that time he took rest at Zanzarka, and he stayed at a Meghvals a backward class people’s louse.

Bhakt Bodano get to much thru sty and hungry because of long journey. So he asked for water. At that time on old woman come out of the Shana Bhagat house and refuge to give him water because is the house of a backward class people. At that time disciple Bodana said there is ho differences of caste and creed at the house of lord, lord Krishna had created all the creatures and so all creatures are equal for him. This difference had been created by the man, hot the God after that disciple Bodana with great love and devotion. At the night thay sang holy and religious song and enjoys that night in the memory of God. At the time of departure disciple Bodana bless to Shana Bhagat. Sayings that in the difficult (Kaliyug) time and calamity you will be able ti provide food and shelter to the people and to be well known in the kaliyug. Cast and creeds illusion is not at the country of the God. It is said

“Manav Tuje Nahi Yaad kaya; Tu Hi Brahm Ka Ansh Hai !
Kul Gotra Tera Brahm Hai; Sad Brahm Tera Vansh Hai !
Chaitany Hai Tu Aj Amal Hai, Sahaj hi Sukh Rashi Hai !
Janme Nahi Marata Nahi; Kutasth Hai Avinashee Haai !

Today the religious conflict has been started at that time the land of Sant Savgun heads to the Muslim people also to provide the flag to his temple. Every year the Muslim people provide flag to this temple with devotion. This tradition coming from Sant Svaiyanath. Zanzarka village became the holy place for the backward class people and others also. The description of Zanzarka in the word of poet Madhav Ramanuj is that the Zanzarka village look life fresh lotus flower, and its fragrance was Sant Savaiyanathji, and his boon is for all the people. Saint Street is “All people rest house.” Here all the people are accepted as a guest and guest are accepted as God. All the people are welcome here with respect. Everyday good food is provided in the from of ‘Prasad’ Never this happen that no one can go from here without taking food (Prasad). In the tradition of this temple nothing help can be asked for and that is the devotion.

Sant Tulsidas said in Ramcharit Manas :

“Tap Bal Rachhi Prapanch Vidhata, Tap Bal Vishnu Sakal Jag Trata;
Tap Bal Shambhu Karhi Sanghara, Tap Bal Shesh Dharhi Mahi Bhara.”

Every years first day is celebrated in Zanzarka and it is the Rope of the whole backward class society. People gathers and enjoy food (Prasadi) and Santvani at the night. All caste people came together for the seeing (Darshan) Sant Savaiyanath sight. Now the thorn of Zanzarka is keep forward by Seventh yuva Mahant Shri Shambhunathji with the holy tradition.

“Zatpatt Vahela Jav Zanzarke, Shrifal Laine Marg Chadho;
Nath Savane Sharne Namie, Bavajino Dham Bado.”

– C T Tundia ‘Jaan’ (Ankewliya)

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